Crime Prevention Tips from KPD

Posted at Starbucks, Kirkland Parkplace.

Posted at Starbucks, Kirkland Parkplace.

Auto thefts in Kirkland have more than doubled since 2012. Prevent theft and prowling by following the guidelines of the Kirkland Police Department.

Crime touches every neighborhood and it requires vigilance on our part. Please keep a look out for strange activity in your neighborhood. Remember to dial 9-1-1.

The Market Neighborhood Association has sent out a Crime Alert chronicling recent crime activity in their neighborhood. The following is an excerpt from that alert:

Monday, June 22nd

Resident reported that they had a car prowl last night, XXX (in the alley).  Prowler took sunglasses and a cell phone and was very thorough. 

Thursday, June 11th

At 9:20pm this evening, WoMMoms reported a car prowl on XXX.  The the family was at home at the time of the incident.

Monday, June 8th

There was a home burglary on XXX Monday afternoon.  Money and jewelry stolen.  Residents were not home at the time.  Door was pried open.  

KPD has asked us to call 911 if you ever hear or see something suspicious.  Having an officer cruise through the neighborhood is good crime prevention and more effective than writing a burglary report.  Don't be afraid to call.  KPD is all about crime prevention.

Please keep a look out for yourself and your neighbors.  Lock your doors. Keep valuable items out of view.