Solarize Kirkland Informational Workshops

Solarize Kirkland is a community-wide campaign designed to encourage the group purchase of solar panel installations with the aim of helping Kirkland residents and businesses save money and produce clean renewable energy. 

There are four informational workshops in Kirkland this summer: July 16, Aug 11, Sep 19 & 22.

To sign up for a workshop, or to learn more about the campaign, visit the Solarize Kirkland website.  This is a partnership of City of Kirkland and the Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center (PPRC). 

The Motivation

The City of Kirkland is partnering with PPRC to initiate the Solarize Kirkland program that will help Kirkland’s residents be able to purchase affordable, clean energy to power their homes and businesses. 

The Project

By organizing a group purchase, or “bulk buy,” the campaign aims to help Kirkland residents and businesses achieve an affordable and successful solar installation. This type of program has been widely successful across regions including Seattle, Snohomish County, and more broadly on a national scale, from Portland to New York – with savings as much as 20% on average when compared to acquiring solar systems independently.