Kirkland 2035: Open Houses, Public Hearings on proposed updates to Comprehensive Plan, Neighborhood Plans, and Citizen Amendment Requests


Events scheduled for June 25, July 23 & August 13



Kirkland citizens and businesses are encouraged to attend upcoming Open Houses and Public Hearings on proposed updates to the City’s Comprehensive PlanNeighborhood Plans, and Citizen Amendment Requests.  On June 25, July 23 and August 13, Open Houses will be held as an opportunity to talk with staff about specific changes being proposed to the Planning Commission, and where appropriate, the Houghton Community Council and Transportation Commission.  Open Houses will be held at Kirkland City Hall, 123 5th Avenue, from 5 to 7 p.m. followed by the Public Hearings to be held in the Council Chambers.  If you are unable to attend either, your comments can be emailed to  Planning Commission meetings are televised live on Comcast Channel 21 and Frontier Channel 31 and can be streamed from the City’s website at and search “Planning Commission Meetings Online.”


On June 25, the Planning Commission, Transportation Commission and Houghton Community Council will hold a joint Public Hearing the on draft Transportation Master Plan. Following this Public Hearing, the Transportation Commission will hold a meeting in the Houghton Room.  A Joint Public Hearing with the Planning Commission and Houghton Community Council will then be held to receive public testimony on proposed amendments to the Element Chapters of the Comprehensive Plan and amendments to the Bridle Trails, Central Houghton and Lakeview Neighborhood Plans. The Houghton Community Council will deliberate in the Rose Hill Room and then return its recommendations to the Planning Commission.  The Planning Commission will continue the Public Hearing to receive public testimony on the MRM Amendment, the Newland, Waddell, and Nelson/Cruikshank Citizen Amendment Requests and the Everest, Moss Bay, South Rose Hill, Juanita and Kingsgate Neighborhood Plans. The Planning Commission will hold its deliberation at its July 9 meeting on all items as part of the public hearings held on June 25.


On July 23 and August 13, Open Houses and Public Hearings will be held again.  Homes and businesses were recently mailed a special edition of the City’s newsletter, City Update, (PDF) which contains more about these public events and meetings.  


Information regarding the proposed Kirkland Aquatics/Recreation/Community (ARC) Center will also be available at the June 25 Open House.