Kirkland Councilmember Toby Nixon Seeks Re-election

Kirkland Councilmember Toby Nixon announced today that he will seek re-election to the Kirkland City Council.

“I see a bright future for Kirkland, and to build that future we need a city government that is fiscally responsible, encouraging to local businesses, and open and accountable to our citizens” said Nixon.  “I’ll continue using my experience, knowledge and skills, honed as your city council member, as a representative in the state legislature and as a fire commissioner, to serve you in building Kirkland’s tomorrow.”

“I am firmly committed to ensuring that citizens are never surprised by actions taken by the city.  You have a right to participate in establishing the future policies of our city and to clear and fair notice when changes are proposed.  Kirkland is already an example of openness and accountability and I will continue to work to ensure our city does an even better job being open, transparent and accountable to our citizens,” continued Nixon.

“We need jobs and businesses in Kirkland to grow if we expect the best services for our neighborhoods and families.  I will continue my work for business and zoning regulations as well as tax policies that accommodate innovation and growth while protecting the unique character of Kirkland and our neighborhoods,” added Nixon.  

“As your city council member, I appreciate citizen suggestions and questions.  Citizens can call me at 206-790-6377 or email me at,” concluded Nixon.      

A senior program manager at Microsoft, Toby and his wife Irene have been married for over 32 years. They have five grown children, and reside in the Kingsgate neighborhood of Kirkland. His hobbies include singing in church and community choirs, playing the piano, volunteering web site management for several local organizations, and serving on the boards of charitable organizations. He is passionate about teaching people how the government works and how to be more effective advocates for the issues important to them.


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