Kirkland LaCrosse teams face off in State Championship, May 31

Kirkland has already won the State Championship to be played Sunday May 31st. How you ask?

Both Juanita Lake Washington boy's Lacrosse won on Wednesday night meaning that 2 KIRKLAND teams will face off for 1st and 2nd place in the State Division 2 Championship on Sunday, May 31.

Both teams are 1st year teams. They were 1 team last year. Both coaches worked together last year and on Sunday will be on opposite sides looking for their respective teams 1st State Title 

Boy's Championship Schedule - May 31st at StarFire Sports Complex in Tukwila

Field Two - Adidas Field

1:30p.m. Division II All-Star Game

3:00p.m. Division I All-Star Game

4:30p.m. Youth 5-6 Regional Honor Game

5:30p.m. Youth 7-8 Regional All-Star Game

Field One - Stadium

5:00p.m. Division II Finals

7:00p.m. Award Presentations

7:30p.m. Division 1 Finals