LWSD Facilities Planning Task Force seeks input on community values for school facilities


Online survey and in-person meeting to gather community views

Lake Washington School District’s Long-Term Facilities Planning Task Force has been working since December to find ways to address the district’s aging school facilities and its need for classroom space to serve a rapidly growing population. The Task Force is now asking the community for input on the community values it should use to evaluate potential solutions. Later in June, the Task Force will ask for input on specific strategies.

Input is being gathered on values the Task Force should use to evaluate their recommendations through an online open house May 26 to June 2. A survey on the open house site will be open through midnight on June 2.

Community members are also invited to attend the Task Force’s June 3 meeting. That meeting will take place at 6 p.m. at Rose Hill Middle School, 13505 NE 75th St., Redmond. The Task Force will work with community members to select community values for evaluating potential solutions. At that meeting, the Task Force will also discuss how to address aging facilities in combination with expanding classroom capacity.

“The Task Force needs the community’s guidance on what is most important as we review different solutions,” noted Deputy Superintendent Janene Fogard. “This survey is an opportunity for community members to shape the overall direction of the school facilities program. Research has shown that school facilities can affect student learning. “

Later input opportunities to narrow down options

Another online open house June 8 through June 21 will narrow down the choices further. The Task Force is using a framework with different resource levels to organize and consider differing options to address the district’s challenges. Resource levels can range from no capital funding to greater levels of investment in school buildings. Community members will be asked which resource level they would recommend.


Community members are invited to a community meeting on June 9 at 6:30 p.m. at the L.E. Scarr Resource Center, 16250 NE 74th St., Redmond. This meeting will provide information on the potential strategies and resources levels. Community members will be able to provide their recommendations.


The online open house is an ongoing opportunity to be part of the conversation about the district’s facilities challenges. It will continue to be updated at key milestones. The open house will stay online until the Task Force makes its final recommendation. That recommendation is expected in September 2015.