Marina Park Gets A Makeover

Wow! What a difference a little TLC makes to improving the look of Kirkland's most iconic feature: Marina Park. City crews have been hard at work spiffing up the park in preparation for a celebration of Billy and Cory Roeseler's induction into Kirkland’s Plaza of Champions to take place on Sunday.

Lots of work has been done recently to improve the park. Some recent projects include fixing the fountain, improvements to the lawn and flower beds and removing decades-old cobwebs from the pavilion. The Plaza of Champions itself is getting some elbow grease as well. The park literally hasn't looked this good in years.

The Plaza of Champions was initiated in 1988 to honor and recognize those groups and individuals in the greater Kirkland area who have not only reached the pinnacle of achievement in their chosen field, but have also, through that achievement, contributed in a significant way to the City.

The Plaza had been all but been forgotten until relatively recently when the city council brought back the tradition of recognizing achievement in our community.

We applaud the efforts being made to make Marina Park shine again. Raising the bar on maintaining this important symbol of our city all make a difference. 

It shows we have pride in our community. And that is a very good thing.