Mrs. Goldberg makes her grand debut at Kirkland Arts Center

Elizabeth BrunoMrs. Goldberg Draws a Blankoil and collage on panel, 36" x 48"


Exhibition runs June 27 - August 8, 2015

Opening reception: Friday, June 26, 2015, 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Who is Mrs. Goldberg? Kirkland Arts Center's upcoming exhibition features a group of talented local artists in a variety of media. In Mrs. Goldberg, A Curated Life, the individual pieces, each one interesting, well-crafted, and unique, will come together in the exhibition to create a larger subject - the fictional Mrs. Goldberg.  The title of each piece will give the artwork context in Mrs. Goldberg's life and offer clues about her character and interests. In this age of social media, of "curated identities," this exhibition will explore the idea of an identity visualized; offline by a group of artists, and online by the Facebook community.  

Featured Artists: Iole Alessandrini, Carol Belval, Betz Bernhard, Elizabeth Bruno, Leslie Cain, Andrée Carter, Megan Corwin, Carole d'Inverno, Nichole DeMent, Michael Dickter, David French, Carol Gouthro, Patricia Hagen, Jan Hopkins, Virginia Howlett, Terry Leness, Danny Mansmith, Mike Naylor, Mike Phifer, AJ Power, Sandra Power, Gary Seelig, Robin Siegl, Jennifer Stenhouse , Laura Thorne, Margaret Watson, Chrissie White, and Nan Wonderly 

See the intriguing character of Mrs. Goldberg develop online before and during the exhibition by visiting Her identity will continue to evolve during the show as the audience is invited to participate in her curation online while they view the show in person. 

Co-curator Nancy Whittaker muses about Mrs. Goldberg: "I envision Mrs. Goldberg watching from afar as she becomes alive online, wondering what she is thinking; amused by her collective identity created by many others' humor, dreams, ideas.... It will be so interesting to meet her when she is installed at Kirkland Arts Center, once all the pieces come together!"

The exhibit, while focused on Mrs. Goldberg, also calls attention to larger questions of identity. Co-curator and participating artist Michael Dickter contemplates this facet of the exhibition: "I think it fascinating that now more than ever, whether it be in person, online or through social media that we can design who we are. We can be different people to different groups.  It begs the question of not only who we are, but who we want to be, and how we can change that persona."

Many visitors to the exhibit and Facebook page, may also draw similarities from Mrs. Goldberg's curated life to other realfriends or family members as exhibition artists Laura Thorne does. "In (my artwork), Mrs. Goldberg and Her Sisters, what appears is shaped by what disappears. I used a narrow, translucent palette and repeating shapes to explore patterns of loss and emergence. My fictitious Mrs. Goldberg is inspired by my real-life late Great Aunt Jenny. This imagined Mrs. Goldberg revives her memories in the lift of her fingers, in sudden pauses, in a galvanizing smile and in eyes that set anchor in me. A transaction occurs. Ancestors I have never met live in my mind and knock on my heart." 

What will you find in the exhibition? Join us at the free Opening Reception on Friday, June 26, 6:00 - 8:30PM in the KAC Gallery. Free parking is available; drinks ($2) and light snacks will be served.  Come meet the curators, many of the artists and piece together who you think Mrs. Goldberg might be.  


Mrs. Goldberg, A Curated Life will be on display through August 8, 2015 and the KAC Gallery is open Tuesday - Friday 11am - 6pm and Saturdays 11am - 5pm.