LETTER | “No" philosophy prevails


According to the latest agenda, the City just found another $20 million that was unaccounted for in their adopted budget, a surplus now that could be used to fund the proposed Property Tax increase by King County for an upgrade of “Regional” emergency radio network. 
But no, the money is there however the city has refused to fund safety first.  Instead, they're using the new money to fund other non-safety issues, a ploy.  They need a reason to put a new levy on the ballot.
They are putting their new money into many administrative functions and non-essential nice-to-have projects instead of using the newly found $20 million to pay for the radio upgrade necessary for public safety.  The Cities and County could fund the levy if they would put safety first.
I suspect the County also found new money in their budgets making this new tax increase unnecessary.
But no, it’s business as usual.  Their philosophy prevails.  Once again, the tax payers are being manipulated.  City and County officials have no intent to pay for this levy from newly their newly found $20 million plus dollars.  They should be held accountable.
Robert L. Style