Toxic Blue-Green Algae Alerts Continue at Kirkland Waterfront Beaches

Kirkland’s waterfront parks remain posted with algae alerts

Waverly Beach closed while water samples being tested


While city officials await water quality test results from blue-green algae samples taken from Kirkland’s Waverly Beach last week, the beach remains closed.  Lab results are expected by April 28, 2015.  All waterfront parks in Kirkland along Lake Washington continue to be posted with warning signs advising that toxic algae is present and that the water could be unsafe for humans and pets if ingested. City staff will monitor the waterfront parks throughout this weekend.


The Washington State Department of Health (DOH) warns that blue-green algae blooms can be different in colors, may appear as foam, scum or streaks on the surface of water and can poison animals, wildlife, and people.  To report toxic algae online go to If symptoms of illness appear after exposure for either people or pets, please consults your physician or veterinarian immediately. For more information, visit the State DOH website at or the King County’s Major Lakes Monitoring Program website at and search about blue-green algae.