LETTER | The consequences of Prop One


So far, the Council does not plan to spend any of the newly found 20 million dollar surplus it on safety.  They plan to spend on everything else but.


For those Councilmembers who proclaim they believe in funding safety first.  It’s a bunch of bull.  We need them to be more accountable.


Of the newly found 20 million, Kirkland’s share to fund the County’s Prop one would amount to less than a million, approximately $927,674.13.  But no.  Now they are telling us they will not do it but rather let Prop One pass so they can use the $927 thousand to spend on something other than safety.  That bait (Prop One) and switch ($927 thousand) will not be on the ballot; however, it’s a consequence if Prop One passes.  


Taxpayers know they will end up paying more taxes.  The point is they would not have to if the Council would cover the cost with part of the 20 million already collected and paid for.  The Council is not putting safety first.  It will unnecessarily raise our taxes.  Taxpayers should not have to pay more than what has already been collected and paid for by us.


Don’t be fooled by the Political bait and switch funding methods use to fund Councilmember’s

special interest.  Vote no on Prop One and prevent higher taxes without reducing our ability to maintain our quality of life.  If the Prop doesn’t pass, the elected officials will fund it out of the newly found $20 million they’ve already collected if they truly put safety first.  If Kirkland can do it, so can other cities and King County.


Robert L. Style