Say Yes to Public Safety- Approve King County Prop 1

The following Op-Ed is from Kirkland Mayor Amy Walen regarding Prop 1:



Every day police officers, firefighters, and other emergency response personnel in Kirkland work in unpredictable settings to save lives and keep our communities safe. To do this work effectively, first responders need to dispatch and coordinate resources on an emergency responder radio network. The radio network that provides this capacity throughout King County is dangerously out of date and needs to be replaced. The current network is nearly 20 years old, and each year becomes more prone to equipment failures, dead zones in coverage, and unexpected outages. Firefighters and police officers are sometimes forced to use different radio channels to communicate when responding to life-threatening situations. Voting to approve King County Proposition 1 will make sure that our responders have the tools they need to keep our communities safe when called upon.


Public safety professionals are called to serve in every part of King County- from downtown urban settings to rural back roads and highways. No matter what the situation brings, the radio network is a vital link between an emergency responder and other resources that they might need to get the job done. I certainly don’t want our police or firefighters to have to second guess their radio system during a life-threatening situation. Please say yes to public safety and join me in voting to approve King County Prop. 1 for the April 28th election.

Mayor Amy Walen