Community Launches Petition to Save Juanita Beach Park from ARC

Image of Juanita Beach Park. Source: Save Juanita Beach Park

Image of Juanita Beach Park. Source: Save Juanita Beach Park

Potion asks people to 'Help save 9 acres of Juanita Beach Park from a 90,000 sq foot Aquatic and Recreation Center.'

A group calling themselves Save Juanita Beach Park has launched an online petition to the Kirkland City Council, Kirkland Park Board and the City Manager to save Juanita Beach Park from a "90,000 sq foot Aquatic and Recreation Center."

The campaign seeks 500 signatures. The petition website reads as follows:

"Save Juanita Beach” represents Kirkland residents committed to preserving this public asset from being lost to development.  The City of Kirkland has proposed building a new Aquatic and Recreation Center (ARC) on the 9 acres north of Juanita Drive, which would result in the loss of a significant portion of Juanita Beach Park.We oppose the use of Juanita Beach Park for this purpose. We believe that Juanita Beach is one of a few open spaces on Lake Washington with a natural setting and historic significance that is regularly used by individuals region wide. 

The City has already approved a Juanita Beach master plan that includes the north side that answers the needs of the high density multi-family units immediately surrounding the park and the many events and uses that require both sides. We must honor that commitment to open space and park preservation, by finding a more appropriate and accessible location to build the ARC.

We, the undersigned, request that you remove Juanita Beach Park from further consideration as a site for the Aquatic & Recreation Center.          

You can sign the petition by clicking here.