LWSD Long-Term Facilities Planning Task Force seeks input


Online open house provides information, chance to weigh in


Lake Washington School District’s Long-Term Facilities Planning Task Force seeks input on potential strategies and policies to address the district’s challenges of a classroom space shortfall and of aging facilities. This community input is being gathered in preparation for the Task Force meeting on March 11.


Since late January, the Working Subcommittee (WSC) of the district’s Long-Term Facilities Planning Task Force has been meeting to dig into the details regarding these challenges. Over its first three meetings, the WSC asked detailed questions and learned about:

·         the existing conditions of the district’s facilities;

·         the district’s growth projections, capacity and current standard of service for class size, space use and specialized space needs;

·         and current and potential strategies to address the challenges as well as funding options.


The WSC is now preparing to present potential strategies and policy questions to the Task Force at its next meeting on March 11. As part of this process, the district is engaging the broader community to gain feedback on these potential strategies and policy questions to help inform the Task Force’s work. 


Visit the updated online open house

An online open house has been open since January, to provide ongoing information on the Task Force’s work. The online open house has been updated with new information. These updates concern the district’s facilities needs, the Task Force process and the WSC’s work to date.


This update also includes potential strategies and priorities to be presented to the Task Force and provides an opportunity to give feedback on them. The WSC seeks input on those potential strategies and priorities. Please visit the online open house and share your thoughts by March 11. 


The online open house is an ongoing opportunity to be part of the conversation about the district’s facilities challenges. The online open housewill continue to be updated at key milestones. It will stay open until the Task Force makes its final recommendation, expected in June 2015.