Thank You Kirkland! Kirkland Views Celebrates 7 Wonderful Years

Kirkland Views launched in April, 2008 amid an era of great change in our city. At the time, developments were being challenged by residents leading to lawsuits, major projects like Totem Lake Mall and Kirkland Parkplace both had plans on the table but no progress in sight and Google had just completed phase one of its campus. After annexation, Kirkland's population expanded by about 30,000, bringing neighbors to the north inside the city limits. Downtown began a renaissance of new shops and restaurant openings. We had a few elections and a change in management at City Hall.

All the while, Kirklanders have remained passionate and energetic about our community. It has been great fun being along for the ride and we look forward to many more wonderful years here in Kirkland.

Above we have shared a random selection of photos from the past 7 years. Hopefully you will enjoy them and recall fondly, as we do, our shared history.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for working to improve our city.

Much has changed in Kirkland since 2008. But deep down, where it counts, Kirkland is still the same wonderful place I fell in love with as a child and later, where I met my lovely bride.

Thank you for your comments, patience, support, participation (and forgiveness of countless spelling and grammatical errors along the way. :-) 

We truly do have a wonderful life.

Rob, Kate and Molly the Dog