LETTER | Permit parking on Lake Avenue West

Kirkland City Council Members:

I would like to know the public policy criteria that established the private use of a public right of way for “Permit Parking Only” for the exclusive use of the residents of Lake Ave West.    Is there anywhere else in Kirkland that is "Permit Parking Only” for resident parking on a public street? This should be public parking for all Kirkland residents and visitors not the use of public resources for the private benefit of a few.  Simply removing the signs would be low cost and provide much needed additional parking close to downtown.  This street is on my walk route, I rarely see anyone parked there.  The street that is signed to allow only residents to park there is extremely wide and has parking on both sides with ample room for cars to pass.  In addition, over 90% of the single family residences  located on the west side of the street have 3 car garages with parking in front of the garages, for a total of 6 parking places per house with additional ample on street parking. 

It appears that there are well in excess of 60 possible public parking places available on both sides of Lake Ave West that currently benefit only the 19 single family residences that are adjacent to this quarter mile plus the stretch of public right of way.

Attachment pictures: There is a vehicle parked in the public right of way under a car cover that has not been moved in months.  I have also attached a picture of the road where 2 trucks are double parked with a car parked across the street demonstrating the wideness of the street which would allow for public parking on both sides of the street less than a block from Marina Park. 

Thank you for your time, consideration and service.



Kellie Jordan