Redeveloping Park Lane: Will Kirkland's favorite street makeover be worth the wait?

Renewal and reopening of Park Lane will be a welcome sight this spring

Park Lane is a mess today in the midst of months of construction, the downing of dozens of mature trees, cyclone construction fences, backhoes and dozers, leaving shopkeepers struggling to hang on through the already difficult winter months. Fortunately, the inconvenience will be short lived. Soon the street will reopen with a new re-envisioned life, friendlier to pedestrians with the elimination of curbs, tree-sidewalk disruptions and fewer cars with closure of cars entering the lane from the parking lot at Lake St and Central Way.

Park Lane is Kirkland's favorite street. The war zone we see today is only temporary. The future will be better. In the meantime, enjoy a few photos from Park Lane's past and some renderings of its future.

Learn more: PARK-LANE-trees.pdf