LETTER: Overcoming Tax Frustrations


Taxes impede our quality of life.  They're due in April.


Many civil service workers are faced with irate citizens expecting service who say, “I pay your salary.”  They don’t.  Someone in government does.


Who gets paid?  Where does your money go?  It goes to those managers in government who then decide who gets paid, how much, and when.  They use many accounting methods including shifting funds from one account to another in order to keep in office.  It’s they who should be held accountable for impeding our quality of life.


The IRS office in Bellevue is overcrowded.  Documents needed to help file our taxes are out of print because someone has failed to fund their services. 


So, don't think that you pay for your services because it’s those people in government that determine who gets paid, how much, and when: city, county, and state included.  


When are they going to admit it’s they who make decisions that impede our quality of life?  Yes, we are frustrated.  No wonder why.


Robert L. Style