LETTERS: Being Nice


I’ve been criticized by many that I’m always not nice.  There’s a reason.
Is it nice for Mayor Walen and Councilmembers to raise fees and taxes at a rate 4 times higher than our cost of living?  Is it nice for them to bust through their adopted budget by an average of $15 million a year?  Is it nice for them to divert money from essential services to create artificial shortfalls that are then used to ask for tax increases?
Is it nice that our Council and Planning Department promotes more traffic jams?  Is it nice for them to pass an ordinance that prohibits the citizens from speaking on traffic Concurrency?  Taping our mouths was not good.  Was it nice the citizens of Kirkland were prohibited from speaking on annexation?
I will be nice when Mayor Walen and the Council do something nice for the citizens who currently live in Kirkland and pay the bills.  They need to represent us.  I will commend them when they do.    Until then, I will continue to criticize what they do.  Unfortunately for them and for us, most of the time it’s not nice.
Robert L. Style