Eastside Timebank Potluck, Feb. 12

Eastside Timebank is hosting a potluck on February 12th at 6:30pm at Lake Washington United Methodist Church,  7525 132nd Ave. NE,  Kirkland.
This month’s program will feature a presentation by a Timebank member who will speak on Kirkland’s Map Your Neighborhood Program.

Eastside Timebank is based on the idea that each of us has unique gifts, talents, and resources to share, and we all have needs that others can fill. Every hour of service that a timebank member provides to someone in the community earns one hour of credit, which can be exchanged for an hour of service from another member.

All services are valued equally. An online database makes it easy to see what skills and services your neighbors have to offer, and what services they need, so you can match your skills and needs with others in the community. Visit http://eastside.tbanks.org/