Kirkland Nourishing Network Needs Your Help for Mid-Winter Break

Sorry for the late notice, but we have an immediate need for your help to get food boxes to hungry Kirkland kids for the Mid-winter break.

The mid-winter school break is coming up next week, and we still have hungry kids and their families that we need to reach out to.  You can make a “super” difference in these children’s lives over this break by pitching in with hundreds of other Kirklanders to bring a box of food.   As I’ve said before, these are real kids in real homes in our neighborhoods.  It’s worth you or a group of your friends getting together a box and dropping it off on Tuesday, February 10th before the break begins.  It will be in those homes, that evening.

Those of you that have pitched in before know how fulfilling this can be, and it sets a great example for your kids and other families.  Don’t hide the fact that you are helping some of Kirkland’s most needy – flaunt it. 

Are you “in”?  If so, go to and pick a drop-off location (South or North).  You may sign up on either.  And if you have a bit of time that day, we could use a helper or two, also.

Thank you, and bless you, for helping others in our community.  

PLEASE, tell your friends, Facebook connections, or anyone else you can reach that might help.

Kirkland Nourishing Network