LETTER: Seahawks Decorations Stolen from Cow & Coyote Sculpture

Dear Rob:

Could you please publicize on Kirkland Views that someone stole the Seahawk flannel wrap that was put on the cow last week? I donated the material and Faye Cawley sewed it with a green fringe on it.  

Everyone involved with this project gives of their own time AND money with no reimbursement from anyone.  We do not care about that if the finished product would just be left alone. But when some jerk comes along and steals what we have worked and paid for, it is a slap in the face for us.  Virtually everyone in our community enjoys seeing what costume the Cow and Coyote will wear for the next event.

It truly makes one not want to do it at all and we are outraged when someone steals from it.  That could be classified as vandalism which is a punishable offence by law. I guess the next step is to install a video camera to take pictures and embarrass them on the front page of the Kirkland Reporter and in the Seattle Times.

If anyone is aware of the person who stole it, please send their name and address so we can retrieve it.

Bonnie Fletcher