Sound Transit Releases ST3 Candidate Projects

Sound Transit has released some data comparing the various ST3 Candidate Projects including the options which would impact Kirkland should ST3 pass on the November 2016 ballot. Between now and in the spring of 2016, Sound Transit will take input from the public to help determine which options will ultimately make it into ST3 and which will not.

The options impacting Kirkland fall into three general categories:

  1. Bus Rapid Transit on I-405;
  2. Bus Rapid Transit on the Cross Kirkland Trail; and
  3. Light Rail on the Cross Kirkland Trail.

With the Bus Rapid Transit on I-405 option, there are several additional variants including an I-405 BRT station at NE 85th and extra bus only lanes along NE 85th in Kirkland.

The various options impacting Kirkland get rather complex as Sound Transit has created several new planss representing what is referred to as a "Lower Capital Option" and an "Intensive Capital Option." Having a BRT stop on I-405 at NE 85th seems like a no-brainer as it would serve downtown Kirkland and Rose Hill, however, it is only one of the options available. Some options do not even include a BRT stop at NE 85th leaving Kirklanders with scarce access to Sound Transit BRT service.

While some have characterized the compromise position to be BRT on I-405, others prefer to support BRT and/or Light Rail along the Cross Kirkland Corridor. 

Want more data? Check out East Candidate Options at

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