LETTER | Seahawks House Told They Need Permit From City of Kirkland?



I was so surprised to hear on tonight's KIRO News that Kirkland is shunning (or "shining on" if you will) the expected 200,000 visitors to the Seahawk Christmas-Lights House and requiring the owner to file an event permit. Really, are Kirkland businesses so set that they don't want the extra traffic during the holidays? Is this another example of a council/city government gone wrong? What gives?  

Cami Keyes

Hi Cami. I requested a response from the city which I have included below. -- Rob

In response to neighborhood complaints about noise, traffic and safety, the City is working with the “Hawk House” creator to seek ways to mitigate the public safety and neighborhood impacts of significant foot and car traffic, loud music, and bright lights. By working with the display owner now and in future years, the City is hopeful to maintain the safety of neighbors and those who visit the home.

Learn more about the Hawk House at https://www.facebook.com/events/1525457887764482/