O.O. Denny Park is one of Kirkland's Crown Jewels [photos]

Finn Hill residents have long cherished their natural surroundings and are advocates for keeping the parks in their little corner of Lake Washington protected for future generations. They have a proud tradition of championing parks restoration projects including those at Juanita Woods and O.O. Denny Park.

Fish ladder, built in 2002, intended to help reintroduce Coho to Denny Creek.

On Thanksgiving morning, Kate and I packed up Molly the dog for a jaunt up the Denny Creek Trail which starts at the parking lot of O.O. Denny Park. On our little journey we passed Silvia, the oldest tree in King County, and a fish ladder built in 2002 as an effort to reintroduce Coho salmon to Denny Creek. We crossed the creek traversing a log and scampered up a trail to the top of the ravine. The forest setting and babbling brook (creek?) made this little hike a highlight of our Thanksgiving day. We are very grateful to have such natural beauty so close to home. 

We highly recommend a visit to this peaceful and uncrowded part of our city. The waterfront side is well-known for events such as the annual DennyFest and as the finish line for the Park To Park swim across Lake Washington. It includes amenities like open space, swimming beaches, picnic areas and public restrooms. The contrast between the active waterfront side of the park and the wooded trails meandering up Denny Creek are dramatic. When paying a visit to O.O. Denny Park, we highly recommend you cross the road to explore the other side. We have included a few photos here to entice you to pay a visit.

You'll be glad you did.

Kate helping Molly the dog cross the rapids.

Mount Rainier as seen from the shores of O.O. Denny Park.