LETTER | Wildlife Foundation recognizes Kirkland

Kirkland's Community Wildlife Habitat Team has received a "thank-you" letter from the National Wildlife Federation that includes this list of nation-wide "wins" for wildlife:



In turn, we would like to thank the following current City government and neighborhood officials for having certified their own backyard wildlife habitats, as examples to the community:

  • Amy Walen, Mayor
  • Penny Sweet, Deputy Mayor
  • Dave Asher, City Councilman
  • Sharon Rodman, Green Kirkland Partnership supervisor
  • Lisa McConnell, Houghton Neighborhood Association co-chair
  • Anna Rising, Everest Neighborhood Association chair
  • Scott Morris, Finn Hill Neighborhood Association chair
  • Karen Story, Highlands Neighborhood Association chair

However, we are disappointed that City officials who manage the Cross Kirkland Corridor have decided not to certify that wonderful 70-acre parkland as a wildlife habitat. We understand that they are concerned about sign clutter, but we believe certification signage could be minimized, and that the CKC provides an important opportunity to educate thousands of users about the meaning and importance of wildlife habitat. 


John and Beth McCaslin
Kirkland Wildlife Habitat Team co-chairs