LETTER | Please keep buses on I-405 and off the Cross Kirkland Trail

Dear City of Kirkland and the Kirkland Views:

Please keep busses on I-405 where they belong, using the two new toll lanes and special HOV ramps that were designed to serve busses (and certainly removed its utility for actual 3-person carpoolers who use the NE 85th exit heading to/from Bellevue).  The new trail is a real gem, like Marina Park downtown.  It should be expanded to link to Bellevue and Woodinville wine country.

There's no need to pave over wetlands and ruin neighborhoods and cause safety issues for Peter Kirk Elementary and Kirkland Middle School students.  I have lived in Kirkland for 26 years, and this trail has long been a dream that has finally arrived.  Please don't turn it into a nightmare.

David Wall