LETTER | Thank you for your service Jane Hague and Jackie Pendergrass


Although I have lived in Switzerland the last nine years but still vote absentee, thanks to Rob Butcher’s Daily Briefings and Kirkland friends I’m still in contact with, I manage to stay informed about the city that I love and still call home.  I am disappointed that Jackie Pendergrass and Jane Hague, two public servants that I’ve known and admired both personally and professionally, lost the election this year.  But in regards to Jackie and Jane – I just want to say a special thank you for all they have done for us all through the years – the countless selfless hours and the intelligent devotion to our community that ensured us all the best quality of life to be lived anywhere.   OK, maybe it’s time for a change, I don’t know - I just hope the people elected to replace them can serve the community with the same depth of commitment and effectiveness as their predecessors.

Evie Florian Hernbal
Allschwil, Switzerland