LETTER | City Council Needs to Find Another Way

Dear Kirkland City Council:

Do you remember when you were planning the Cross Kirkland Trail and you were informed by knowledgeable experts ( one at the Heritage hall meeting ) that when rails are torn up there is less than a 5% chance of them ever going back in. You didn't listen and you tore them up and built a beautiful trail.  Now people are loudly telling you that you need to leave the trail alone. What part of this did you not expect?  

Everyone knows we need mass transit but the people you work for are telling you that your solution is not acceptable. Putting transit along the trail would be the easy solution but I think easy left the building a long time ago. You need to find another way. Leave the trail alone and find another route for transit. You didn't listen then and I doubt you'll listen now but there is always hope.

George Noble