City Responds to Question Regarding Central Way Striping Changes

In response to a letter to the editor titled, LETTER | New, Yellow Curb Added to Central Way, we asked the city for clarification. Below is their response. Thank you, Marie. - Ed.

Hi Rob,

Thank you for sharing with the City the post on Kirkland Views regarding the newly installed c-curb on Central Way, near the two private developments (Arete and 324 Central), located on the north side of Central Way. We appreciate the opportunity to explain the purpose of the curbing. 

The median island and curbing at this location have been shifted to transition to a new alignment. This new alignment allows for on-street parking, bicycle lanes, two 10-foot travel lanes and a center turn lane. The new yellow c-curbing and median islands were installed to limit left turn movements from and into the new developments. A striping plan to accommodate the median island and c-curbs will taper the lanes around these features.  Due to the recent wet weather, it has not been possible for the contractor to complete the striping. The City has requested that the developer install temporary tape markings in the interim until the permanent markings are installed. 

The south side of Central Way will have the same improvements once the Parkplace redevelopment is near completion; bike lanes and on-street parking on Central Way.

Please let me know if you or your readers have additional questions.

Marie Jensen