Market Street Medians: Replacing the existing plant material with native species.


The landscaped center median islands along Central Way between 6th Street and 1st Street and along Market Street from Central to Forbes Creek Drive currently require a high level of maintenance in order to keep them attractive while also remaining safe for the travelling public and pedestrians.  The plant material that is utilized in the medians is made up of a variety of plants, installed over a number of years, some of which require frequent irrigation in order to remain as vibrant as possible.  The medians along Market Street for example were constructed and landscaped in the mid 1970’s, and the necessary irrigation has long been abandoned. 

This Project will replace the existing plant material with consistent plants along the corridors that are less dependent on irrigation while also allowing for improved visibility around the medians; the existing trees will all remain.  Replacement plant material has been selected to reduce maintenance costs to the island while still providing an attractive corridor for the public.  

Work commenced this week and will continue through March, 2016.  Work zones will move through the corridors beginning with plant material removal followed by planting activities.


What to expect:

Work hours: The contractor, Signature Landscaping, will work from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Intermittent Lane closuresDuring progress of the work, left turning movements will be limited in the moving work zones; at times vehicles will be required to change lanes and parking will be impacted locally to the work zone.

Parking impacts: At times, due to Market Street’s configuration, curbside parking will be impacted; notification will be posted 24-48 hours in advance of the imacts

Transit Impacts: Temporary bus stop relocations may occur during construction and will be posted

Emergency vehicle access:  Access for emergency vehicleswill be maintained throughout the construction process.

Traffic control:  There may be inconvenience associated with driving through the work zone; traffic control and flagging operations will be in effect when necessary. 

     Noise:   Although construction noise is inevitable, crews will use several methods to minimize it during construction. These methods include, but are not limited to, using mufflers on engine-powered equipment, prohibiting tail-gate banging, and placing stationary construction equipment as far as possible from residential properties.