LETTER | City Council should support the citizens of Kirkland; Sound Transit buses belong on I-405, not CKC


After listening to Public Works Director, Kathy Brown’s presentation Thursday evening, it is apparent that the Kirkland City Council is on the wrong side of this issue. The citizens of Kirkland do not want Bus Rapid Transit (E-06) or E-03 Light Rail on the CKC.  Citizens do not agree with Ms. Brown’s comments that Bus Rapid Transit E-06 will make Kirkland better. It will make Kirkland worse. The tranquility, beauty and environmental sensitive areas would also be lost. The CKC is“greener” now without Bus Rapid Transit or Light Rail. CKC is like the Burke Gillman trail and its uniqueness to our community would be lost if the council recommends Sound Transit 3 – (E-06 or E-O3).

To serve the future transportation needs we urge the City Council to support the citizens of Kirkland and choose ST3: E-02 and put Bus Rapid Transit on I-405.

Tim and Leslie Banks