LETTER | Is Kirkland Just "Flyover Country" to Sound Transit?


Tuesday night city council: Three Save Our Trail Comments-no applause please

Thursday Night-Kirkland Performing Arts Center 2.5 Hours:

It was “performing art” by City Staff yet it was a no star performance.

A City performer talked endlessly, at least 1 hour saying everything we already know as if we were children that needed to be re taught. “The trail is just 5.75 miles out of 26 miles….” Then she presents us a slide of Seattle traffic planning-please no more Seattle examples.

why does our City Council not represent the city residents rather than represent Sound Transit?

Council members sat silent whispering to each other as if they like the West Wing really are the ones that know what is good for Kirkland

$250K for the “best” international planner and they come up with busses that may be electric…what visionaries.

Audience brought up Amsterdam where the trains are a whisper unheard unseen and we spend $250K for advice to use last century busses.

Finally some people mentioned data points, financial study, cost benefit analysis-no one in the City knows how or who to get that study done and it has not been done nor will it be done…spend money build it and it will be 50 years behind before the first shovel of dirt.

The Kirkland Council is going the direction of Sound Transit without a fight.

The City of Kirkland was mentioned as a “flyover” city for points north and south of us-take our trail so Everett can transit through our trail to Tacoma…on buses.

Mercer Island shut down I-90 until they lidded it…Kirkland rolls over even before the vote and gives Sound Transit our trail.

The City of Kirkland advises we address Sound transit…why does our City Council not represent the city residents rather than represent Sound Transit?

Does anyone old as dirt, like me, remember Northridge earthquake?  They re-built 28 miles of freeway in 90 days.

We are America.  We have the smartest, best engineers, and builders in the world... just get out of there way.  We could give a no bid contract to 5 top county contractors, buy steel from America at 20% of the price it was 4 years ago and build the train tracks on top of 405 in 90 days…and give the contractors each $100M bonus to finish on time just like Northridge did.

Sid Starr
(45 year resident Houghton/children and grandchildren live Kirkland also) that makes us of the 8% who live and work here according to the city slides.