LETTER | New, Yellow Curb Added to Central Way



What gives with those new, odd, bright yellow curb pieces placed in the “middle” of the road on Central Way across from Park Place and one of the 2 new apartment buildings? 


They appear to be designed to keep folks from turning one way or the other but they have been installed about a foot too far into the left most lane heading east out of DT Kirkland…….I almost hit them the first couple of times thru there after they were installed.  


Now they are just annoying and very dangerous, causing the traffic to scoot to the right a couple feet, into the right hand lane. And usually suddenly as the driver realizes “shoot! I am going to hit that curbing!!"


Is this part of an unfinished redesign of the road the construction folks are slow in completing? or do you think this is a mistake on the part of the construction workers they have yet to fix and need to soon?


Kim Convertino