LETTER | Kirkland's CKC Should Be Like the Burke-Gilman Trail


I am confused as to why Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is needed on the Cross Kirkland Corridor (CKC) since I-405 parallels this corridor and has the infrastructure to support BRT with a transit station at Totem Lake and underutilized newly constructed HOV/toll lanes. The master plan for I-405 calls for developing a Bus Rapid Transit line with stations along I-405 and expanded transit centers.  Adding more transit stations in Kirkland along I-405 would greatly improve transit options.  Adding BRT along the relatively low density area of CKC does not make sense. 

Kirkland has done such a wonderful job of creating a new crown jewel in the CKC that I would hate for the City Council to brashly make a decision that has long term consequences.  This trail uniquely connects our neighborhoods and serves as a natural buffer to the environmental impacts of increasing density in our community.

The Burke-Gilman Sammamish Trail is a successful example of a former railroad right-of-way that was converted into a multi-use recreational trail. It is highly popular with cyclists, joggers, skaters and strollers. It is also an important non-motorized route for weekday bicycle commuters between Seattle and the Eastside.  I believe this usage best reflects what fits within the landscape of Kirkland.  The CKC can help connect bike commuters with the South Transit TOD and the future bike lane on SR-520.

I would like to see Kirkland focus on road improvements to ease traffic flow issues, timing crosswalks and signal lights to minimize delays and improve access to bus routes for our residents. I support the Sound Transit Option E-02 for BRT on I-405.  Kirkland should ask Sound Transit to develop additional transit stations in Kirkland along I-405 and improve key arterial streets to help connect our residents in keeping with the approved I-405 Master Plan.  We live in a wonderful city that has successfully preserved green space for the enjoyment of all and I hope that tradition continues.

Bus Rapid Transit does not belong on the Cross Kirkland Corridor.

WSDOT link about I-405 Master Plan - http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/Projects/I405/corridor/faq.htm


Michelle Sailor