LETTER | Council Should Save The Cross Kirkland Trail for Future Generations

Dear City Council,

Although I consider most of you good friends I don’t think I have ever spoken to any of you about this matter of buses on the Cross Kirkland Trail (CKT). When I see pictures of it I can’t believe how beautiful and peaceful it seems. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to take that away to allow stinky buses on there. Due to physical problems I no longer am able to go for walks but that doesn’t mean I don’t care if others have it or not.

Teens especially need a quiet and peaceful place to think and gather their thoughts. As far as I know this is about the only place of its kind where everyone can go to be at peace with nature.

Once these kind of places are gone it is almost impossible to get them back.

Let’s save the CKT for future generations,  I can almost guarantee you that they will be very grateful.

Patty Tucker