After 16 Years in Kirkland, Bikini Beach Shifts to Online Sales

In 1999, John Hesse opened Bikini Beach on Kirkland Ave. which soon became a popular place to buy the latest swimwear. Over the next sixteen years the city has changed and so too has retail. High costs of living have pushed out many of the younger customers of Bikini Beach. Downtown Kirkland is a desirable place to live and merchants need to adjust to the changing demographics.

Years ago Jon began to develop Bikini Beach ( into a thriving online retail store. Online retail is now the future for Bikini Beach. Friday was the last day of business for his retail store located just a block from the marina. Swimmers will miss the convenience of Bikini Beach in Kirkland while 4th of July Parade lovers will miss Jon's one of a kind parade floats. We will miss seeing Jon around town, participating in events including the Polar Bear Plunge and the Shamrock Run.

We wish Jon well and we thank him for his years of service in our community.

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