LETTER | Vote for Jason Chinchilla for City Council


We support Jason Chinchilla for City Council position #2. He is young, dynamic, has lived in Kirkland forever, and would be a great asset on a Council that frequently does not respond to what Kirkland citizens want:

  • He is opposed to the Proposition 1 taxing method (as we believe the majority of citizens are), whereas all current councilmembers have reportedly contributed money to support it.
  • He is against banning plastic bags, as were 70% of citizens polled earlier this year; the Council knew the results of the poll when they passed the ban.
  • He is also against TWO LANES of buses on the Cross-Kirkland Corridor!, which was recently proposed by a Council member. Who wants to walk or bike in buses' noise and exhaust??

Jason's opponent, incumbent Shelley Kloba, has never been elected on her own merits, having been appointed to fill a vacancy. Since then, she has conveniently and consistently sided with the majority, rarely speaking out.

Please vote for Jason Chinchilla, and let's begin to change the dynamics of our City Council!

Beth and John McCaslin