Chinchilla Welcomes Contreras Endorsement

Kirkland City Council candidate Jason Chinchilla today welcomed the endorsement of former City councilmember and long-time Kirkland booster Santos Contreras.  “He has worked hard for a better Kirkland in his service on the city council and in numerous civic efforts,” said Chinchilla. “I’m honored to have earned his support and endorsement.”

Contreras, who served on the city council for twelve years, declared his support for Chinchilla stating, “I’m am supporting Jason because he is the only candidate for city council who has clearly explained the serious problems in the Proposition 1 funding approach creating a permanent Metropolitan Park District.”

Contreras continued, “I’m concerned we have “group think” on the council when all 7 members vote for a new government taxing agency that can raise future property taxes without voter approval.  They acknowledge the “advisory vote” provision in the proposed agency is not binding, thereby giving the city council, acting as the Metropolitan Park District Board, a blank check to increase property taxes.  Chinchilla understands we must protect the right of Kirkland citizens to approve future property tax increases.”

Contreras added, “At a recent candidate forum, one of the council members questioned on the MPD ballot issue responded that voters can vote us out of office if they disagree.  I think it’s time for voters to disagree!  I’ve worked with Shelley Kloba on past park levy issues and we are friends.  Nonetheless, since she is one of those 7 who voted to weaken our property tax protections, we need to start changing the 7-0 vote on new taxes. It is time to start changing the council.  Please join me in voting for Jason Chinchilla.”

Santos Contreras has lived in Kirkland for 40 years.  Contreras served on the city council for 12 years and was co-chair of the park bond election that lead to the acquisition of Juanita Bay Park and Waverly Park.  He serves on the Board of Trustees of Harborview Medical Center and has received the Kirkland Chamber of Commerce Community Service Award.

Jason Chinchilla is running for Position 2 on the Kirkland City Council.  More information can be found on his campaign website at  .