LETTER | There are other important ballot items besides Prop 1

Dear Editor:

I spent some time this morning reading the Voter’s pamphlets for the coming election. Here in Kirkland we seem focused on Prop 1 about the Aquatics Center.  I am not writing about that, but to point out that there is another proposition on the ballot that most definitely needs a “NO” vote.  That is Initiative Measure No. 1366.  Vote “NO”!  All you have to know is that it comes from Tim Eyman, resident tax idiot, and you should not need more info.  Let our legislature do its job.  

I hope there are no Kirkland residents who are inclined toward not worrying about this initiative.  First, it is better for this initiative to lose by a large margin.  We should try to discourage Eyman and his backers to the maximum.   Secondly, this is a statewide initiative and as we know, some other parts of the state see things differently.  A “NO” vote is important.  


Bob McConnell