Haunted House Saved: Anonymous benefactor to supply rental tent which complies with City codes

The City of Kirkland has confirmed that a rental tent will be delivered to the Halloween House in Kirkland on Monday. The individual who is paying the rental fee wishes to remain anonymous. Kirkland building and fire officials have authorized the placement of a 400 square foot, structurally stable, and non-flammable tent.

A controversy started when a City of Kirkland employee drove by a home in Juanita where for 14 years the owner has built a Haunted House for the enjoyment of the neighborhood. The City employee declared the structure unsafe and that it needed to come down. 

Hundreds of families have gone through the Haunted House over the past 14 years and it has become a neighborhood tradition. When word got out that the city was requiring the property owner to take down the structure because it violated city codes, neighbors went to Facebook and voiced their displeasure. 

Thank you to all of the community members who spoke up and expressed their views on this subject via Facebook. Community members came together, worked with the city and found a solution. Congratulations, Kirkland, on a job well done!

Happy Halloween to all.