Report of 'No on Prop 1' Signs Being Vandalized in Finn Hill

We received a report from a reader about No on Prop 1 signs being vandalized in the Finn Hill neighborhood. In this case, a "No on Prop 1" sign was legally posted 134th and 88th Place on Finn Hill when it was torn down. The reader wishes us to "Please remind your 'Viewers' it is illegal to mess with political signs they do or don't like."

Political speech which you do not like is best countered by political speech you do like. Don't vandalize.

RCW 29A.84.040

Political advertising, removing or defacing.

A person who removes or defaces lawfully placed political advertising including yard signs or billboards without authorization is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable to the same extent as a misdemeanor that is punishable under RCW  9A.20.021. The defacement or removal of each item constitutes a separate violation.


[2003 c 111 § 2104. Prior: 1991 c 81 § 19; 1984 c 216 § 5. Formerly RCW  29.85.275.]