LETTER | Chinchilla Takes Opposite View of Kloba; Says No to 2 Bus Lanes on Cross Kirkland Corridor

Dear Editor,

 At the city council candidate forum at Holy Spirit Church, it was outrageous to hear Council-member Shelly Kloba call for running two lanes of Metro Rapid Transit buses up and down the Cross Kirkland Trail.  In my opinion, that will completely destroy the relaxed, outdoor feel of the current trail. Putting buses there would certainly stop me and my family from walking the trail, and I think most of the other users who bike, jog or hike the trail would likely go elsewhere too.  Fortunately, Kloba’s challenger Jason Chinchilla opposes buses on the Cross Kirkland Trail.  Join me in voting for Jason Chinchilla to help protect our Cross Kirkland trail.


Leif Andersen