Chinchilla Protects Cross Kirkland Trail

Kirkland City Council candidate Jason Chinchilla today announced he will work to protect the Cross Kirkland trail from being converted to a Metro Rapid transit bus corridor. Chinchilla said, “At the last candidate forum, my opponent Shelley Kloba declared she wants to add two lanes of Metro Rapid Transit buses running up and down the Cross Kirkland Trail Corridor. The construction and operation would be a massive disruption the length of Kirkland and end up destroying the outdoor character of the trail corridor. No one wants to bike, jog, walk their pets or hike with their kids next to an ongoing stream of Metro buses.” 

Chinchilla continued, “The Cross Kirkland Trail Corridor is a distinctive community asset that taxpayers just spent several million dollars improving. We need to keep it accessible in people-friendly, non-motorized formats that are compatible with the surrounding neighborhoods. I oppose putting Metro Rapid Transit buses on the trail corridor.”

“Voters have their ballots right now and if they want to protect their Cross Kirkland Trail from being paved into a two lane bus route, their first step should be to replace Kloba with me so I can work to protect the trail,” concluded Chinchilla.

Jason Chinchilla is running for Position 2 on the Kirkland City Council. More information can be found on his campaign website at .