LETTER | Vote No on Proposition 1

The City of Kirkland has much more pressing needs than raising taxes for something that is a "nice to have." There’s already a growing list of “need to haves” that includes: 

1.       Funding directed toward building and maintaining school’s busting at the seams from our ever-growing population.

2.       Maintenance of existing roads.

3.       With all the power outages, a need to have includes burying the power lines underground, not just on 85th Avenue.

4.       Expanded and more timely police and fire coverage throughout Kirkland, especially the annexed areas. 

5.       The City of Kirkland needs to ensure they're caring for existing parks and buying land for new parks, so kids can play outside and the entire Kirkland population can enjoy them.

6.       All of the above was supposed to be paid for by existing revenue from past tax hikes. 

ARC is an avenue for the City of Kirkland to create an entirely new and unnecessary wing of government to fund ARC and God knows what else in the years to come.

Government is supposed to represent the needs of the many and not simply the special interests of the few behind ARC and the ARC PAC (Political Action Committee). 

I urge you to vote No on Proposition 1. 

Steve Wise