LETTER | An alternative to ARC and taxes


At this point, we don’t know if the center will be $40M or $80M.  But, we do know that this tax will last forever.  It may only cost a few hundred or a thousand per year for some homeowners, but over 30 years, this can mean tens of thousands of tax dollars for homeowners.

What we have been told so far:

·       Council invested $500,000 to evaluate potential public and private sites

·       Seven to nine acres of private land for the ARC will cost up to $20 million dollars

·       The ARC design cost could range as high as another $5 million.

·       Building cost?  We don’t know.  Yet, we are being asked to vote on this unknown amount for an unlimited period of time. 

My other concern is that City and/or State agencies sometimes build facilities that are far more expensive than the private sector.  On occasion, they run over budget and over time.   For instance, consider the projected cost of $40M to $80M then look at these Aquatic/Recreation Centers designed, built and operated by the YMCA in Washington.  These guys know what they’re doing – because they have been doing it for 100 years.  

And a  ‘good to know fact’ - Kirkland isn’t the first city to lose a school pool.  Stanwood did too … and the Y is in the process of building a facility to meet the school’s need and the general public’s need.  This site will have a competitive pool, a leisure pool with river and a big whirlpool.  3 pools!

We don’t need a Metropolitan Park District with a range of $0.25 to $0.75 per $1,000 for an endless period of time.  We need the YMCA with their beautiful designs and proven operational knowledge.

Take a minute and look at the pictures of these sites.  It will blow your mind.  They look like resorts!  

*       gordon-family-ymca[bcradesign.com]

*       gig-harbor-ymca[bcradesign.com]

*       haselwood-ymca[bcradesign.com]

Oh .. and did I mention, if you join one Y – you join them all.  If you need a work out close to home, close to school or close to work.  You’re golden.

Why not the “Y”?

Dawn Kerrins