Lake Washington School District boundary changes approved

Changes to rebalance growing enrollment

Lake Washington School District is facing an immediate need to house its growing enrollment. That enrollment has increased close to 2,000 students over the last three years to 26,708. A process to change neighborhood school boundaries began in September. It concluded last night as the district’s Board of Directors voted unanimously to accept a set of recommendations for boundary changes.

The changes enable the district to most efficiently use current school buildings to house the growing enrollment.

“We have this issue because we have more and more students coming to our schools,” noted Jackie Pendergrass, president of the district’s Board of Directors. “They deserve to have a place to be educated.”

The LWSD boundary committee completed a comprehensive study and analysis process that included multiple opportunities for parent input. They presented their recommendation to Superintendent Traci Pierce. Dr. Pierce presented her final recommendation to the district’s Board of Directors at the Monday, January 26, Board Meeting. The board unanimously voted to accept the recommendation as presented.  

“We appreciate the attention and engagement of our parents throughout the process,” noted Dr. Pierce. “Changing attendance boundaries is a difficult process from everyone’s perspective. However, we have a responsibility to ensure that we have classrooms for students. We are committed to helping to transition families and students who will be attending new schools in the 2015-16 school year.”  

The final boundary changes are posted on the district boundary web page. A total of 801 current students are expected to change schools, all currently in elementary schools.

Boundary changes approved by the board will go into effect next fall.

The district is also reviewing its facilities needs in the long term. A Long-Term Facilities Planning Task Force has already begun work to develop strategies and recommendations to house students in 2018-19 and beyond.