Bastyr University Withdraws Proposal to Renovate Saint Edward Seminary Building [u]

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Saint Edward Seminary Building Public Meeting - CANCELLED

In a move which will disappoint many in our community, Bastyr University has withdrawn its proposal to renovate Saint Edward Seminary. As a result, the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission has notified the public that the scheduled February 4th meeting regarding same is cancelled.

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The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission is cancelling the planning meeting regarding the Saint Edward Seminary rehabilitation that was scheduled for February 4th at the Northshore Utility District in Kenmore. The cancellation is due to Bastyr University’s withdrawal of their proposal. If you have questions for Bastyr University, please call Nickola Francis (425) 602-3003.  



After careful consideration and months of due diligence, Bastyr University has decided not to move forward on acquiring access to Saint Edward State Park facilities.

Based on information developed during our meetings with Daniels Real Estate, The Washington State Parks Commission and City of Kenmore, we concluded that from an operational and financial standpoint working to renovate and occupy the buildings at the park were not feasible for us at this time.

We thank everyone involved for all of their hard work and regret that the timing of this potential project did not work for Bastyr University’s goals/needs. We wish nothing but the best for the future of the park, its facilities and the greater Kenmore community. 

Daniel K. Church, PhD

Bastyr University President