Kirkland City Council approves design for Park Lane

Pedestrian safety increases as a result of Council’s decision to close the exit from the Lake and Central parking lot


The Kirkland City Council on September 2, 2014 received an update on the latest design elements for how Park Lane will look after construction is completed next year. All seven City Council members approved of the design—voting unanimously to pursue the plaza-style street’s design.  The most visible aspect of that concept is the one-level surface of terra cotta and beige brick pavers—some of them porous to allow stormwater to drain into the soil beneath rather than flush without treatment into Lake Washington. Non-porous pavers will channel water toward rain gardens and porous pavers.


The porous pavers and rain gardens will require some increased maintenance, said Project Engineer Frank Reinart, Kirkland Public Works Department.

The new street will resolve the ongoing maintenance issues caused by tree roots lifting sidewalk panels. Overall, Reinart said, the new street will require about as much maintenance as the current one. 


Council members also agreed to create a traffic loop within the Lake Street and Central Way parking lot and to permanently close the Lake Street parking lot’s exit onto Park Lane. This will do two things, Reinart said.


It will allow drivers to circulate within the parking lot and it will reduce the conflict between pedestrians and drivers exiting the Lake Street parking lot onto Park Lane. Cars will leave the lot from the current exit onto Central Way. The City Council authorized project staff to advertise for contractor bids for construction of the project. Reinart said he plans to have a recommendation for City Council to award a contract in November.