Kirkland Brewery Under Attack, Letter Writing Campaign Needs Your Help

The Future of Kirkland breweries is threatened as opposition to Chainline Brewing appeals to Olympia. A Letter Writing Campaign is Underway to Support Kirkland Breweries [u]


This letter from WSLCB was sent to Kirkland Views by Brewmaster Scott Holm. It states that 17 opposition letters have been received by Olympia as of July 31st.

In a stunning move by local anti-brewery activists, seventeen letters have been sent to the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) opposing Chainline Brewing Company's liquor license application. In response, craft brewing supporters have initiated their own letter writing campaign to counter in support of Kirkland breweries. The target of attack is Chainline Brewing Company, a local micro-brewery with plans to locate in a warehouse along the Cross Kirkland Corridor just north of the Google campus in Kirkland. The zoning for the property allows for breweries and Chainline complies with all city zoning laws.

Parents are at the heart of the opposition

A group of angry parents of children attending the nearby International Ballet Academy (IBA) are working hard to kill the brewery by protesting to the state in an attempt to halt the WSLCB from granting Chainline a liquor license. IBA is located in the light industrial warehouses near Chainline. One of the complaints filed by parents is a concern for their children if a micro-brewery were to open nearby. We were unable to contact the IBA for a reaction in time for publication.

A letter from Chainline to concerned parents.

Letter Writing Campaign

The opposition has submitted letters to the WSLCB and supporters of local craft brewing have begun a counter letter writing campaign in support of Chainline Brewing. If the opposition is successful in preventing Chainline from opening, Kirkland's hopes of ever enjoying a healthy craft brewing industry will be shattered.

As huge fans of the local craft brewing scene, we simply cannot sit idly by while a small number of vocal, sincere yet misinformed individuals put a halt to Kirkland's nascent micro- and nano-brewing scene (See: LETTER: "Nannies" oppose breweries in Kirkland). We encourage all craft brewing fans to join us in a letter writing campaign in support of Chainline Brewing Company, located at 503 6th Street South.

Local brewers serving our community

Chainline Brewing Company, Kirkland's second brewery in the modern era, is owned by Kirkland citizens, Scott and Michelle Holm. Scott is combining his passion for cycling with his love of beer by opening Chainline along the Cross Kirkland Corridor. Their wish is to open a local business in their hometown.

Jeremy and Tara Eubanks, owners of Kirkland's first brewery (in the modern era), Flycaster Brewing Co., fully support Scott and Michelle Holm's efforts. New breweries in Kirkland are not competitive, rather, they bring critical mass and support each other, sharing ideas and patrons.

The wine and micro-brewery industries are huge tourism draws for cities and help to boost the local economy by providing additional job opportunities. Since opening we have already hired two new employees. Additionally, most micro-breweries are family friendly and contribute significantly to the surrounding communities. Our brewery has hosted a family bike ride gathering for Kirkland Greenways, a charity event for the Friends of Cedar River Watershed and private events for local businesses, including Evergreen Hospital. The Totem Lake community has been very welcoming to our opening and our location is not much different than Chainline’s in terms of having local family oriented businesses in the surrounding area, including a family martial arts business, a home schooling company and a dance studio.
— Jeremy and Tara Eubanks, owners of Kirkland's Flycaster Brewing Co.

Initially, the opposition group sent letters to the Kirkland City Council in an effort to scuttle plans but they were unsuccessful. Further appeals to the state to prevent Chainline from opening may cause denial of a liquor license. Seventeen opposition letters have already been sent to Olympia. We need to counter this attack by sending letters in favor of the brewery to the WSLCB.

Support Local Breweries! Send an email to WSLCB License Investigator Ashley Honeywell at in support of Chainline Brewing Company.

Please consider writing an email or letter to the WSLCB in support of Chainline Brewing Company. Email your letter to WSLCB License Investigator Ashley Honeywell at This issue goes well beyond the targeted business we see today. For too long Kirkland has suffered under the tyranny of the minority halting legal businesses serving the greater community. It is well known that it takes only three complaint letters to City Hall and a task force is convened, and progress halted on most any project (remember the ridiculous episode of the killjoy who complained about decorating the Cow & The Coyote statue? See: Hands off! Cow and Coyote Don't Need Regulations). Please send an email in support of Chainline Brewery and share your thoughts below.

Scott and Michelle Holm and their newly purchased equipment.